of oil and olives

Ermelindo and Letizia

Oil has been part of us, of our family history for 4 generations now. Started by grandfather Ermelindo and his wife Letiziain 1925. Ermelindo and Letizia loved their land and the fruits it could already give at the time.
The olive groves were part of the Tuscan landscape, with their turned trunks, years old.
Leafy trees under which the whole family dined in the summer, plants that accompanied the holidays and that gave one of the most important fruits for the nutrition of the time: olives.
Already at the time consumed in the most varied ways and, above all, used to obtain oil: a fundamental element for cooking and seasoning all the typical dishes of the so-called Mediterranean cuisine.
Ancient olive groves to be cared for, to be pruned with skill so that every year the plants could return to bear their fruit.

Since then, thanks to the passion for cultivation, harvesting and production handed down from one generation to the next, Bottaccio looks to the development of a modern organic olive growing, in the sign of the continuity of an activity that respects the territory and the quality of Tuscan peasant traditions