Extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil

We are committed to always guaranteeing high quality and that is why we have decided to produce only extra virgin olive oil, in a wide range of types able to satisfy the different tastes of the consumer and depending on the personal use.

To obtain high quality oils, we carry out a manual and / or semi-manual harvest; with particular attention to the selection of the olives and the pressing times, for which we never allow more than 8 hours to pass from the harvest.

These, together with other precautions handed down for generations, allow us to guarantee a constant high quality product over time.



Choosing is essential. The great work behind the harvest is to carefully select olives that carry within them organoleptic characteristics of a superior level. The SELEZIONI extra virgin olive oil line therefore includes organic products aimed at excellence on the table


Divide and conquer. The careful selection of varieties, combined with the analysis of the nature of the soils and their exposure to the sun, has given rise to absolutely unique oils, capable of bringing out the specificities of a territory to the full.
We have isolated and emphasized the oil extracted from olives that are typically present in the blends of the Tuscany region, such as Frantoiano, Moraioloand Leccino

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