Gourmet gift box Tuscan Pasta


Description: Wooden gift box with a curated selection of typical Tuscan products that will bring the authentic flavors and aromas of the region directly to your kitchen. This gift set represents a complete Tuscan culinary experience, with high-quality ingredients that will allow you to create delicious and authentic dishes in the comfort of your own kitchen. A perfect gift for Italian cuisine lovers and those who wish to discover the traditional flavors of Tuscany.

OLIVE LEAVES Pasta | 500 gr
TUSCAN GIGLI pasta| 250 gr
Classic Extra Virgin Olive Oil | 100 ml
Extra virgin olive oil with ROSEMARY | 100 ml
LECCINO olive cream in extra virgin olive oil | 150 gr
DRIED TOMATOES Pesto with extra virgin olive oil | 100 gr
Tuscan Tomato Sauce with Extra Virgin Olive Oil | 320 gr

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