Organic extra virgin olive oil Tutto Moraiolo 250ml


Oil campaign: 2022/2023

Production area: Venturina Terme, 50 mt. s.l.m.

Olive groves: Olives 30/35 years old, in a flat area

Cultivar: Monovarietal 100% Moraiolo Bio

Harvest period: From 1st to 15th October

Appearance: Yellow with green reflections

Aroma: Elegant with hints of ripe olives and notes of artichoke

On the palate: Spicy of medium thickness and length, bitter background balanced with notes of tomato

Pairings: Ideal on bruschetta, cheeses, dishes with legumes and grilled meats

Prodotto Biologico, Organic productBest Gambero Rosso extra virgin olive oil

“Oil with a good olfactory imprint with aromas attributable to green olive pulp, grass and hay, not particularly aggressive with rising sweetness of ripe fruit, lightly toasted wheat and barley. Particular fragrances such as artichoke and chard of sweet entity, sometimes pungent and acidic, with freshness of grass and tomato. Sustained gustatory entry where the bitter tomato, sour and peppery with very pleasant bitterness and warmth of white pepper are reconfirmed. The pulp of the green olive is reconfirmed with good herbaceousness, light taste of artichoke, almondy and overall balanced, with excellent persistence and medium final complexity.” Federico Mannozzi Taste of Virgin Olive Oils

Weight 0,5 kg

250 ml


Organic Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil


100% Organic Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Nutritional values

Average nutritional values ​​per 100 ml
Energy – 3389 kj / 824 kcal, Fat – 91.6 g, of which saturated – 14 g, Carbohydrates – 0 g, of which sugars – 0 g, Protein – 0 g, Salt – 0 g