New extra virgin olive oil Perfume 5l

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NEW Extra Virgin Olive Oil, unfiltered

Available from 01/11/24
Available until 12/31/24

Olive oil campaign: 2024/2025

Production area: Tuscany, Venturina Terme, Loc. Palmentello 50 mt. s.l.m.

Olive groves: Olives 20/25 years old, in a flat area

Ctivular: Frantoio 50%, Moraiolo 20%, Leccino 20%, Pendolino 10%

Harvest period: From 1st to 15th October

Appearance: Bright green, unfiltered

Aroma: Very fragrant, fruity, notes of grass and artichoke

On the palate: Fresh grass with a slight hint of artichoke and almond, an important and persistent spicy note

Pairings: Ideal for dressing salads, vegetable dips, cheeses and bruschetta; to be used raw

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Weight 5 kg

5 lt


Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Unfiltered


100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Nutritional values

Average nutritional values ​​per 100 ml
Energy – 3389 kj / 824 kcal, Fat – 91.6 g, of which saturated – 14 g, Carbohydrates – 0 g, of which sugars – 0 g, Protein – 0 g, Salt – 0 g